Sunday, April 02, 2006

You say... stay tuned for a rockin' show!

As you might have gleaned by the fact that my #1 pastime is watching TV, I'm incredibly lazy. So instead of coming up with a thoughtful and witty maiden post, I'm actually going to kick things off by adapting something that I wrote a while back for a different purpose: a post extolling the awesomeness of "#1 Single" on E!

Unfortunately, it looks like the first season is already over, but luckily there are re-runs, thank goodness! (Btw, is it just me or did the show's narrative arc end really abruptly? Did they actually plan it that way? Or was the show perhaps unexpectedly cut short?)

Anyway, here's my take on "#1 Single," doctored slightly for this blog so that I don't seem completely behind-the-times:

Everybody should watch "#1 Single" on E!. They repeat it, like, a hundred times every week, so there's really no excuse. Unless you don't have cable. But if you don't have cable, then you don't deserve the enjoyment that comes with watching this wonderful show anyway.

It's a reality show about Lisa Loeb looking for love in New York, and in the first episode she goes on a blind date involving karaoke and the guy sings "Stay" to her — very, very badly. She also introduces the audience to AirTroductions, a site where you create a profile for yourself and put in your flight number, and then you get matched with someone on your flight and you have the date on the plane. That could be a whole reality show right there, I think. Especially for international flights: Can you imagine the hilarity that would ensue from observing people trapped in a bad date for 6-13 hours?

But anyway, back to the reality of this reality show: In the second episode, we observe Lisa's plane date (it goes well but ultimately has negative ramifications), and the series continues its fabulousness from there.

Just like any red-blooded working stiff, I really hate Sunday nights. But thanks to "#1 Single," at least I've had something consistently wonderful to mitigate that pre-workweek sense of dread. Goodness, I hope there's a season two.


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