Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Hello, my lost love!

When I got home from work today with a full-on gross cold, I just wanted to sack out on my futon and watch something totally comforting on TV. Unfortunately, I had exhausted the arsenal of Food Network shows that I had recorded over the weekend, and none of the movies fit the bill (a representative sampling of the serious fare I had to choose from: "The Secret Lives of Dentists," "Frida," and "Hoop Dreams"). I briefly flirted with watching a Harry Potter film on DVD, but even that seemed like it might be too gripping for illness viewing. All seemed lost. But then, I stumbled upon the perfect solution!

I noticed that Bravo was showing none other than "The West Wing," my favorite show in the world! (And since I obviously watch a lot of TV, you know that it's saying something for me to single out one show.)

It's been a long time since I've seen "The West Wing" because there are no more new episodes (alas, not just summer hiatus but a permanent loss). And since I've already seen pretty much every episode that exists at least once, I haven't felt any urge to keep up with Bravo's repeats. But seeing it again tonight — even just the partial episode that I caught — reminded me of just how fantastic it is. Granted, I haven't seen every show in the universe, but I truly believe that there is not one that is smarter and more enthralling than "The West Wing." Even when you're sniffling, coughing, and fighting off a fever.

Viva Bartlett forever!


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