Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Gimme More "Gilmore"

Thank goodness "Gilmore Girls" is back! The lack of new episodes these past few weeks has really left a hole in my heart. And not a negligible hole either — more of a Miss Patty-sized hole.

Unfortunately, I wasn't wowed by tonight's episode. The biggest disappointment was the tame interaction between Zach and Mrs. Kim. What happened to the combustion we witnessed back in Season 5 when Mrs. Kim discovered Zach and Lane's relationship and confronted Zach in the street? In case you missed that hilarious tirade, the transcript is below, care of TwizTV.com:

You! You dirty, filthy devil boy! You will pay for this. You will burn in hellfire for this! You will swim in the sludge with Satan's hell-dogs, and feed them your innards for eternity! ... She's an innocent girl. And you are a wild pig of filth! I know! I know all you do! You think you can hide from me? That you can carry on your dirty, filthy schemes without me finding out? ... I heard about it! Kyon told me. She told me about your hands on Lane. You put your hands on Lane! My Lane! And before God, I swear that you will be punished. Because that is what happens to all swine that walk up tall!

I know the above harangue doesn't have quite the same effect on the page as it did on the screen, but you'll just have to take my word for it: comic perfection.

Thanks, Palladinos, for bequeathing your genius on TV watchers everywhere. A grateful (subset of) the nation is extremely happy to have "fresh" episodes once again. Although the preview for next week's episode is not purely thrilling. I mean, seriously, how many times are you going to trot out Jess as a plot twist? Enough already!


Blogger Anthony said...

I'm not sure about Gilmore, but the two episodes of "Sons & Daughters" that aired tonight were priceless! Great television.

8:07 PM  

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