Friday, July 28, 2006

A "Degrassi" gift from the gods

Best. News. Ever.

Over the next five weekends, the N is showing every episode of "Degrassi" in existence in order! Of course, I've already seen every episode of "Degrassi" in existence, but I'm so excited for all of the people out there who will be able to enjoy these marathons. Especially a couple friends of mine (I believe I've mentioned them before) who are just getting into "Degrassi" now and are often coming to me for back stories that they need in order to fully make sense of current plotlines.

AND, as if that weren't enough to bring tears of joy to any true "Degrassi" fan's eye, I believe they're also going to be showing the episode where Manny has an abortion, which has never been aired in the United States before. Gasp!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is it the original Degrassi or is it as I suspect Degrassi the next generation? I must confess I miss the N and Degrassi TNG, a lovely guilty pleasure, but in order to be a true fan, as any Canadian and people who used to get up super early in the early 90s, you will have seen the original Degrassi and find the new one lacking the gold of the original.

Anyway, Karen I wanted to let you know that Teresa turned me on to your delightful blog. Thanks for writing. Lauren

8:49 PM  

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