Sunday, August 27, 2006

Bye, bye, Billy!

Like any red-blooded woman, I love watching the pre-award show specials where the networks give us a chance to size up all the stars' dresses. However, next time, I am considering watching with my TV on mute. Why? Because Billy Bush is possibly the most incompetent improvisational celebrity interviewer ever.

Look, I'm sure it's an extremely high-stress situation for him and the other hosts. But you would think that since this is his job, he wouldn't be so visibly awkward, making his segments completely unenjoyable to watch and leaving me counting the seconds until he throws it over to someone else. Yes, Nancy O'Dell has her own share of uncomfortable moments (see: Warren Beatty and Annette Bening), but she seems infinitely more polished than poor Billy. If only the cameras had stayed with Tim Gunn and Maria Menounos the whole hour, given that the Emmy Awards are all about honoring quality television and all.

(Although given the somewhat motley crew of nominees this year, I guess maybe I should put a qualification on that last statement and say that the Emmy Awards are ostensibly all about honoring quality television. Where the hell is the much-deserved nomination for "The Gilmore Girls," I ask you.)


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