Monday, April 10, 2006


The recent election-focused episodes of "West Wing" have been purely exhilarating. My friend and I have been watching together in spurts — saving up episodes so we can watch two at a time — and afterwards we always have to take a few moments to gather ourselves. It's like: Whoa, what just happened, roll over and have a cigarette.

Of course, tonight's episode was the ultimate emotional rollercoaster. I actually went to see a concert and didn't get home until after midnight. Normally, I would just hold off on watching because as much as I love "The West Wing," I also like getting a full night's sleep before starting the workweek. Tonight, however, I couldn't resist. I had asked my friend to text my cell during the concert and let me know whether the election was called in this episode. As soon as I got his text message, I knew I'd be up late. So here I am, completely exhausted — and totally cried out from those Leo scenes — and 100% satisfied.

I can't believe they're canceling this show.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Karen, maybe you should talk about how horrible EVERWOOD was on Monday night. Just a suggestion...

2:03 PM  

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