Tuesday, September 26, 2006

GG and SS

I don't know if it was just because I was predisposed to be disappointed, but I felt like tonight's season premiere of "Gilmore Girls" was definitely missing its usual spark. Frequently, the timing seemed slightly off, the dialogue seemed a little too heavy, and the direction seemed a bit flat — but always just by one degree. Of course, this didn't prevent me from tearing up as I watched the final scene between Luke and Lorelai. Even with my favorite shows, it's not often that I physically ache out of empathy for the characters. That's a credit to Amy Sherman-Palladino, Lauren Graham, Scott Patterson, and the newbies now at the helm. Plus, there were a handful of bright comic moments to soothe my critical side (Miss Patty signalling to Kirk to drive through the red light? Brilliant!). Guess I'll just have to wait and see how the season pans out.

In other judgemental news: I'm now starting to warm up to "Studio 60." Since last week's post consisting of my initial reaction, I've watched the pilot one and a half more times and the second episode twice (except for the opening musical number, which I've seen thrice).

I decided to re-watch the pilot because I thought that perhaps I had given it short shrift the first time around and wanted to give it a second chance. And it turns out that I did enjoy the episode more upon a second viewing. Deliberately opening my mind and also free of having to figure out who all the characters were and to piece together their relationships to one another, I was able to let myself get absorbed in the narrative. And I liked it.

Of course, "Studio 60" is still nowhere close to "The West Wing" in my heart, but I would not be one bit surprised if it made its way up there in time. The early evidence? You read the part where I said I had watched the second episode twice, right? It only aired for the first time last night, so I think that's really saying something. Already, the "Studio 60" world is becoming a safe, comforting haven. Good job, Aaron Sorkin. How could I have doubted you?

Btw, Aaron, while I'm having a one-sided conversation with you, can you tell me why you're so obsessed with Gilbert and Sullivan? Don't think I don't remember your use of their music on "The West Wing." That reminds me — I've got "Topsy-Turvy" saved on my DVR...


Blogger westcoastmama said...


I love tv also, what I am wondering is how you got the information on your blog centered on the top of the page like that. I guess this is more of a blogger help question than a comment on your blog. But I did read your blog and loved it, because I myself am tv fanatic. It's sometimes enlightening to find out you are not the only one!!!! My fav's from this season are Studio 60 and I don't know why I got sucked into Brothers & Sisters too!!! Thanks in advance for the advice and some good reading during the day!!!

9:36 AM  
Blogger Karen said...

Thanks for your kind words! Unfortunately, I don't think I can help you with your formatting question. Somehow, I chose to have that text centered when I set up my blog for the first time, and I have no recollection of how I did it. Just took a look through my settings, and I don't see a field that controls that either. I'm sorry!

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