Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Say It Ain't So, Jon!

I love "The Daily Show" as much as anyone — in fact, it's often the reliably pleasant high point of my day — but does anyone else feel that it's gone a bit downhill lately?

At first, I thought maybe it was just a temporary slump, but as time goes on and the episodes come and go, I'm beginning to worry that my beloved show is going the way of "SNL" when it lost all its star comedians. I mean, these new correspondents are just not that funny.

On the other hand, I'm happy to see that "The Colbert Report" seems to be getting better and better. In my opinion, it got off to a shaky start, but now it seems to have found its TV legs. Maybe now I'll actually start sticking around after "The Word" on a regular basis. (Or maybe I spoke too soon. Tonight's high school segment is kind of disturbing.)

Of course, the best part of this Comedy Central double-header in my opinion is the banter between Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert at the end of "The Daily Show." Someone force these guys to do a reunion special, please!


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