Saturday, October 14, 2006

Man oh Manny, I hate your hair!

I was not at all pleased with Manny's haircut on the last season of "Degrassi." I thought it made her look old and seemed like the choice of someone either trying to hard or just going with the obvious trend or both. But believe it or not, this season's hairstyle is even worse! Seeing it on tonight's episode was awful because it was the first time this season that Manny has had a lot of close-up screen time. Oy vey, Manny, what have they done to you? You're so adorable under all that hair, I just want to take a pair of scissors and chop off the half-foot bangs and huge mane!

And while we're at it, what's up with the new opening sequence? I'm assuming they were trying to age up the credits since the characters — and presumably the audience as well — has outgrown the boppy, zooming tour around the campus. Good idea. I'm all for it. But in my opinion, the results are a miserable failure. Opening credits of "Beverly Hills, 90210," anyone?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hate it, too!! What the hell is she doing? she looks awful. ridiculous. and good lord, i am SO DISAPPOINTED with the opening credits. what are they doing??? WHATEVER IT TAKES!!! WHATEVER IT TAKES!!!

um, i mean, i don't care that much. seriously. it's totally fine. i mean, what's Degrassi?

8:19 AM  

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