Monday, April 23, 2007

Boring Public Service Announcement

If there are still any devoted "American Idol" fans out there, I'm guessing they're not reading this blog — because no one reads this blog. And also because there's probably, like, only two people who still take that show seriously. And I don't think that Simon Cowell and Ryan Seacrest read this blog.

BUT on the offchance that there's anyone who is still a fan of that show, I want to alert you to Idol Gives Back, a worthy do-gooder event during this week's episodes.

Tomorrow and the day after (April 24 and 25), "American Idol" is aiming to raise awareness and funds for relief programs that serve children and young people in extreme poverty in the USA and Africa.

For every vote cast on April 24, "American Idol" will make a contribution to six charities serving American and African children.

On April 25, a whole bunch of celebrities will perform and viewers will be able to make their own personal donations online and by phone. That ought to be at least as much fun as a PBS pledge drive, right?

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