Saturday, January 27, 2007

And the parade continues...

You know that phenomenon when you learn a new word and then suddenly hear it being used everywhere? Well, that's sort of what my TV-watching life has been like after my last post. Since then, it seems like everything I've watched on the Disney Channel has featured someone from another teen/tween show:

The very next episode of "Naturally Sadie" that I tuned into had Shenae Grimes (Darcy from "Degrassi") on it.

Then the next two episodes of "Life with Derek" that I saw featured Lauren Collins (Paige from "Degrassi"). The episode after that? Say hello to Shane Kippel (Spinner from "Degrassi") — playing the drums, no less.

And then I saw "Get a Clue," an old Disney Channel movie starring Lindsay Lohan. Guess who else it starred: Brenda Song and Ali Mukaddam, both mentioned in my last post.

Not that I mind seeing all of these folks over and over again. In fact, it tickles me every time I recognize an old friend, for several reasons:

1) I'm giddy at my own astute ability to pick out these familiar faces (probably the only person out of her teens able to do so).
2) In the case of guest starring on other shows, I imagine how fun it must have been for those actors to be able to do something a little different for a change.
3) Strangely, I feel proud of these little guys for being so successful that they've been able to garner all of these roles. I was especially happy for Ali Mukaddam, so far the only one in my TV studies to cross over to a Disney Channel original from CTV (that's Canadian TV to you). Mazel tov!


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