Friday, December 08, 2006

"Friday Night Lights" Shine Bright

I cannot stop watching "Friday Night Lights." Back at the beginning of the season, I added it to the series manager of my DVR because the reviews were so positive, but I never felt compelled to watch. I was always jonesing for my fix of "Ugly Betty" or "Gilmore Girls," so I allowed the episodes of "Friday Night Lights" to pile up unseen, always saying to myself, "I'll get around to those another day."

Well, that day finally arrived last week when I looked at my list of saved shows and realized that new recordings were going to start saving over old ones. Hell no! Not on my watch. Thus began my "Friday Night Lights" marathon. And folks, it is awesome.

I know this isn't news to the critics or the network or probably lots of other people out there, as the ratings are good, but I want to add my vote because I know that there's at least one other person out there who's been recording the show but never getting around to watching. And if my testimonial can encourage her to start watching, then I know I'll have done some good in this world. (By the way, this isn't hypothetical. I'm talking to you, Erica.)

It's so rare to find a drama with such high-quality writing, acting, direction, camera work — everything is just stellar. My only complaint is that the storylines are a little bit on the predictable side, but that's just a minor misstep and it that doesn't detract from the overall caliber or the show — or, more importantly, my personal enjoyment of it.

Also, it doesn't hurt that Zach Gilford (playing Matt Saracen) is absolutely winning. Thank goodness he's much older than the character that he plays so that it's not creepy when I coo over him. (Yes, I checked his birthdate on IMDB, making me incredibly pathetic. So what else is new?) Funnily enough, I used to coo over Kyle Chandler (who plays Coach Taylor) back when he was on "Early Edition" and the incredibly short-lived "What About Joan." How times have changed.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh my god. KAREN!! i'm an idiot. I too was about to start losing shows a couple of weeks ago, so i decided that because i was never feeling motivated to watch Friday Night Lights, i ERASED THEM ALL!!!! Do you still have them? Since then i've heard amazing reviews and now i'm really annoyed at myself. I kept The Nine! I keptTHE NINE and not FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS!!!

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