Thursday, November 02, 2006

She shoulda made sour grapes ice cream...

On this week's episode of "Top Chef," the Quickfire Challenge was to create an ice cream flavor. The plebian masses would taste all the flavors and vote on their favorites to determine the winner.

Several of the contestants grumbled about having the proletariat as the judges, which I can understand because that was a surprise element to the challenge. I couldn't blame them for being disappointed that they had dreamt up daring, fine-dining flavors (e.g. avocadoes and bacon) when they would have probably gone with tastes with more mass appeal had they known.

However, what I cannot stand is what Emily said in response to a taster's criticism. Emily made what she described as a "calming chocolate and lavendar" ice cream flavor. Apparently, one woman said that it didn't have enough sugar. Emily's response in her confessional was, "The last thing you need with your fat ass is more sugar."

Excuse me?!

As a chef, you don't tell people that. It's not your place. And it also makes no sense. As someone who loves eating good food more than everything else in life (even TV), I am deeply, deeply offended.

Of course, it's likely that Emily didn't even mean what she said and was just speaking off the cuff out of hurt. No excuse, though. It's only natural to be defensive, but please remember that you're on a TV show, so you should really be on your best behavior. There is no reason to personally attack someone like that.

Oh, well. Emily got booted off anyway. See ya!


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