Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Now that's good TV!

My God, tonight's season finale of "Project Runway" was such a nail-biter! In the past two seasons, I've thought it was fairly obvious who would win. But this time around, I kept flip-flopping until the final moments.

Personally, I thought that Jeffrey's collection was the stand-out, but based on the judge's comments, I couldn't tell whether they were leaning towards him or Uli. Even as I was listening to Heidi Klum say, "Congratulations..." I had no idea whose name was going to come out of her mouth. And then — sweet vindication!

Yes, I know that early on I named Jeffrey as my least favorite contestant, but of course as I got to see more of his personality and ostensible earnestness, my animosity declined. Not that he became my favorite person or anything. But I truly felt his collection was the best, and I was rooting for him. Unlike the rest of the nation, who apparently were dead wrong; check out the votes from Bravo's (albeit unscientific) online/phone poll:


America, you're so dumb. I'm smart. Ha ha.

Now bring on the "Top Chef" drama, baby!


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