Monday, October 16, 2006

How I Love "Your Mother"

Even though I got home from work dead tired tonight, barely able to keep my eyes open as I stumbled down my block, I couldn't resist watching the episode of "How I Met Your Mother" that I recorded tonight. And as always (except for that one time), I was not disappointed. Lily and Barney's cohabitation scheme. Marshall's man dates. Even a little spin of "Don't Call Me Whitney, Bobby" by Islands — during a montage no less! How is it possible that this show is so good?

"You two are just threatened because I'm a single guy moving in on your couples turf. Well, guess what — it's my territory now. I'm peeing all over brunches, fancy dinners, and musicals."
—Marshall, defending his accidental date with Brad

"You were supposed to be the vaccine, but you gave me the disease!"
—Barney, berating Lily for showing him that he could enjoy female companionship in his own home


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