Sunday, April 16, 2006

Animated historical fiction? Fellow dorks rejoice!

If you love Joseph Ellis' Founding Brothers, then you'll love the cartoon show "Liberty's Kids." Well, I don't know if you'll love it since it's not the most innovative or well-written cartoon ever. But you'll definitely want to check it out because the conceit is fascinating.

The show is described on the web site as "an animated adventure television series for children ages 8-14, about three kids who, by working as reporters for Ben Franklin, bring to life the american revolution." For a fuller description of the show, you can visit the "About the Show" page of their web site.

And check out the cast list, which is awesome. Some highlights: Walter Cronkite as Ben Franklin, Billy Crystal as John Adams, and ... wait for it ... Sylvester Stallone as Paul Revere! You know, maybe I should take back what I said about the show not being that innovative. I mean, Rambo as revolutionary — that's pure genius!

Check out your local WB schedule for times. Looks like it's a regular Sunday morning thing on WB11 in New York. One can only hope that's true across the country.


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