Saturday, April 15, 2006

It goes there — and so do your friends!

I'm incredibly pleased that more and more of my friends are getting hooked on "Degrassi." Last Thursday, a friend who is trying to get caught up on old episodes invited me over to watch a marathon in preparation for the premiere. Although I'm sure she enjoys my company in general, I think at least part of her motivation was to get me there so that I could fill in holes in past plotlines. Unfortunately for both of us, I couldn't make it that night. (If you're a loyal reader of this blog — assuming I actually have readers, which is not a smart bet — then you may remember that I went to a play reading that night, but did enjoy some "Degrassi Minis" afterwards.) Anyway, I did go over to my friend's place the next night to watch the premiere with her and her boyfriend... who is also into the show! And the next day, I hung out with another friend who also watches "Degrassi" regularly with her boyfriend. I love that "Degrassi" can bring couples closer together.

Not to mention that it's an endless source of conversation. Tonight, another friend and I spent an entire half-hour subway ride discussing old storylines because she has only watched more recent episodes (one right after another, on YouTube). The people sitting next to us must have thought we were still in high school. But as I've said before, I make no apologies for my TV-watching habits. I had to get my friend ready for tonight's new episode, didn't I?

(Which was very enjoyable, btw. I love the Craig-Manny-Ellie thing. Not enough of the Ellie-Jimmy angle in tonight's episode, but I guess I can wait. Well, I mean, I don't really have any choice, do I? Oh, "Degrassi," how you tease.)


Anonymous Sussman said...

Okay, I must comment: i think they totally lost the Ellie-Jimmy angle. Maybe they thought they had to get Craig out of the way because Ellie will always have a thing for him? Anyway, they better bring Craig back. Or else, well, or ELSE.

6:30 AM  

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