Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The "Project Runway" Diaries, #6

Oh, how I love Danny V! I actually saw him in Central Park a few months ago. As luck would have it, I was with a friend who is also obsessed with "Project Runway," and she's actually the one who spotted him first. Then, of course, we proceeded to stare at the poor guy in order to figure out if perhaps it was just our eyes deceiving us. Fortunately for us, he and his companions settled down in a spot not too far from us. Even more fortunately, the sun shifted not too much later, and my friend and I jumped at the opportunity to use that as an excuse as we repositioned ourselves in a location that allowed for improved viewing (much to my friend's boyfriend's chagrin).

Of course, I tried to stop myself from being obvious when I looked at the fellow, but I got in enough surreptitious (I hope!) peeks so that when my friend asked how certain I was that it was the adorable Danny V before us, I could say that l was 97% sure. Moments later, however, I changed my answer to 100% when he was joined by his model from the show, Rebecca. Hello! Total joy for me and my friend upon her arrival!

The only disappointing aspect of this episode was that Dan didn't have his hair in a half-ponytail, which had always caused me to gleefully exclaim, "I love his half-ponytail!" — annoying the above-mentioned friend to no end when we watched together. However, I was somewhat mollified by the fact that when Rebecca arrived, she was with a guy who had his hair in a half-ponytail. Maybe they travel in packs.

Fun fact: I've only ever seen three reality show celebs in real reality. In order, they are:

-CT from "The Real World: Paris," spotted outside a bar in SoHo

-Danny V from "Project Runway," spotted as described above

-Funnily enough, Kara Janx also from "Project Runway," spotted walking down Prince St., I believe between Mott and Mulberry, or maybe it was between Mott and Elizabeth...


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