Friday, June 30, 2006

So I watch more TV than a normal person. So what?

My combined passion for food and amazing stomach capacity has been part of my reputation at work for a while. But I guess now people are starting to catch on that I have a second, almost competing love — also known as television.

Exhibit A: a conversation with one of my co-workers

Co-worker: I don't have Tivo, but I have something like Tivo.
Me: DVR?
Co-worker: No, it's not DVR, it's something else. I love it.
Me: How many recorded hours does it hold?
Co-worker: Oh, lots!
Me [getting excited because maybe I want to switch to this product]: Really? Because I only get 35 hours with DVR.
Co-worker: [unbridled laughter] Oh, I think it's actually a lot less than that.
Me [trying to look like I'm not the extreme couch potato that I have just revealed myself to be]: Oh.


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