Sunday, July 09, 2006

OMG -- I have the TV-watching habits of a high schooler!

Normally, I avoid watching MTV's "My Super Sweet 16" because the whining of those spoiled kids makes me really furious. However, for some reason, I ended up watching an episode earlier today; I guess I was intrigued by the Cirque du Soleil type acts that this particular girl, Nicole, was planning to have at her party. They almost lost me when Nicole forced her two closest friends to try on various dresses so that she could dictate what they would wear to the event, but I held on — and boy, am I glad that I did. Because what did I see just a few minutes later? A familiar face that brought me much, much joy.

Nicole and her aforementioned friends were auditioning models to be part of Nicole's grand entrance to the party, and I noticed that one of them looked a lot like Ryder from the Puerto Rico season of The N's reality show "Girls v. Boys." At first, I thought I must be mistaken, but then Nicole said, "Ryder's not hot enough to be at my party." That's when I knew it really was him — and how delighted I was!

Since I'm sure you never watched the Puerto Rico season of "Girls v. Boys" (as it was, like, the third season of what I'm sure was a struggling show anyway), I have to give you the 411, as the kids say. (Btw, do the kids actually still say "the 411"? I guess I should know since I seem to watch the same TV shows as teenagers, but I really have no idea.) Poor Ryder did not fare well on "G v B." It wasn't that he was incompetent; rather, it was his personality that was the problem. His team voted him off even though he was the best athlete, and they did not hold back when insulting him during their confessionals. So for me to hear Nicole rejecting Ryder as not hot enough for her party, well, my heart went out to the kid. Actually, no it didn't. I mean, I did feel bad for him because I'm sure he's going to watch "My Super Sweet 16" and be hurt to hear that and it will surely be embarrassing that everyone else who watches the episode will hear it as well. However, mostly I found the whole thing hilarious.

Even funnier is the fact that people are talking about this on The N's message boards. To be accurate, I should actually say that kids are talking about this on The N's message boards. And that's really what's at the core of what tickles me about this whole thing. Only high schoolers should have had this experience. And yet, there I was, a supposed adult scooting to the edge of my futon and wondering, "Wait! Was that who I think it was?" then giggling when I realized that indeed it was. If I were ever to go undercover as a high school student a la Drew Barrymore's character in "Never Been Kissed," I would surely succeed like no one's business.


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